dinsdag 3 januari 2012

Pakje uit Amerika

Last week (last year ^-^) I received a package from the USA.
It was my first Swap! 
 I only joined  "Hello Kitty Junkies" a few weeks ago, and already "Icecream Kitty paper lover" decided to send me some Kawaii stationary. So sweet of her!!
I send her some goodies too. 
It's so wonderful that someone you don't even realy know sends you such a sweet surprise!
You can imagine my excitement when I received this!!

And this is what was inside!!
Aawh, superkawaii!!
Lots and lots of Kawaii Hello Kitty stationary.
But also some Chocolat  and Charmmy Kitty ones.
Those are my favorite characters ^-^

She also send me some cute stickers

And this Christmascard, which I think she made herself!

I love these cards! I never thought I would have them in my collection!

And these are my favorites!!
I love Charmmy Kitty

Thanks so much Icecream Paper Lover .
You're so sweet

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